Creative Marketing Ideas For 2020

So, you’re looking to jazz up your marketing strategy, well you’ve come to the right place.

 Keeping your content new and fresh and drive in new business or create buzz. 

Let’s talk about a few out of the box ways you can use today to upgrade your business!



Create Custom Videos

Custom videos showcasing your brand, company, and services are an easy and effective way to market your small businesses

Videos can help you build a stronger connection with your audience. 

Because people can see you, how you interact onscreen you are able to instantly build trust.

You can get as creative as you’d like with these videos. 

Add music and captions or do a simple explainer. Try combining images and videos to good effect. 

Be sure to prepare by writing a script and deciding what props you’ll need to bring the video to life. Be remembered to be yourself and be as personable as possible.



Update Your Email Marketing

You should be actively building an email list. 

Email marketing through newsletters and email blasts is one of the best ways for reaching your customers and keeping your brand top of mind.  

Design customized targeted emails to send to your target audience. 

You should even form email newsletter to customers informed about your lasted offerings.

Open rates can vary based on several factors. 

No matter what you say in the email, the most important part is to craft a good subject line.

  If you don’t have a good subject line, no matter how helpful your email content is, it won’t be read. 

 Try coming up with creative subject lines, you’ll have a higher number of people who open and act on your emails.




Grow Your Social Media

Getting more involved in your community can really establish you as a brand authority. 

Social media engagement and building a community is important for growing your small business. 

Be sure that you are active of the major social platforms and get involved with those communities.

You can use the platforms to run fun sweepstakes or contests, offer exclusive coupons, and provide discounts to select influencers on social media who help to promote your content and drive sales. Some engage in direct dialogue to understand the sentiments of their customers.

Whichever platform you choose to be a part of, be sure you are active on social media. 

Post consistantly, get involved with your follower community, and reach out to influencers for brand collaboration.



Host Your Own Webinar

Another effective way to get new client is to teach

If you are trying reach a new audience host your own webinar. You have two options when setting up your webinar:

1. You can create a pre-recorded webinar in which you send your audience to a video you have already recorded.

2.  You can host a live webinar where you are present during a scheduled time

Bottom line you’ll want to provide helpful information to potential interested customers who join.

There are many different web conferencing platforms such as Livestorm, Zoho meetings and GoToMeeting allow you to easily setup your webinar. 

Promote your webinar on social media or through an email newsletter, or through Facebook advertising a few weeks before the event and include reminders.

No matter what you choose to implement in your marketing strategy remember to have fun.

 Think out of the box. If something doesn’t work well feel free to change it up.


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