how to get out of feeling stuck

Sometimes life can be overwhelming and seem like you are in a whirlwind. With all of the information on the internet, all of the pressures of social media, and the everyday comparisons we make with our peers; it’s easy to feel like you’re stuck in place.

If you are like me, you have your own ideas about how you originally pictured your life by now and so far it’s currently not working out the way you envisioned.

Perhaps you’re stuck at a job that you don’t really like going to, or maybe your business isn’t in a place where you can live comfortably for your profits, or maybe you are simply just confused on what steps you need to take to start seeing more favorable outcomes.

Well settle in and take a deep breath cause I’m about to give you my favorite ways to stay motivated even when you fill like you are stuck.

Get out of the norm

Usually we have a set routine for how we plan our days, which is completely fine. But sometimes doing the same thing can make you feel trapped. It’s so easy to get bored doing the same predictable activity so switch up your routine sometimes and give yourself freedom to experience new things.

So if you typically go straight home after work, try going to the park or working out instead. If you eat at home every night, why not call a friend and have dinner with them? Be open to new experiences as they come.

Do something you love

A lot of the time we feel stuck because we’re not doing anything in our lives that we love or at least care about. It’s best to find a hobby or something you can spend time in to express yourself. This can be traditional hobbies like baking, scrap-bookers and art.

So grab a good book, one of my favorites is “Figureoutable” by Marie Forleo. For me, I can express myself through creating content and connecting with other businesspeople.

Talk about how you feel

This is something I have had to continuously work on. Don’t be afraid to let someone you trust know how you are feeling. There are many days where you are just not going to feel like things are going your way.  But try talking it out with someone.

Here’s another option for you if there’s no one you feel can lend an ear to you, start journaling down your thoughts. These can be good or bad. Write down how your day felt, what you hope to see in the future, and ways you believe you can change the situation.

One day you’ll look back on those entries and see how far you have come.


Learn to be patient

A lot of our impatience simply comes from comparing ourselves to others. We ask ourselves why “they” seem to have more, or how did it happen faster for “them.” But there are many factors they could have possible gotten others to where we want to be.

We keep in mind that most of our biggest successes don’t happen overnight. You have to continuously work before you start getting real momentum. Don’t give up so easily, stay consistent with your goals until you start to see progress. Learn to be patient and trust YOUR journey.

This leads me to my final thoughts. I believe we are never really “stuck.” Life is changing and moving every day and so are we. What matters is that we aren’t afraid to change and make changes to our normal routines. That’s right, get out of the box! A fresh perspective and a little grit can definitely get you out of a sunken place.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments.


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