How to make connections on LinkedIn 2020

If you haven’t already heard about how awesome LinkedIn is for business, now is the time. It is still considered to be well underrated but so full of potential. Those who are already active on this platform are already building their success and their network.

Using LinkedIn has allowed me as a business owner to make connections with other professionals that I would have otherwise never gotten a chance to meet. Let’s face it you can only drive around to so many networking groups before you get exhausted and discouraged by the lack of leads.

But using this platform enables you to have an abundance of leads and fill your pipeline consistently.

In this video I’m going to discuss my favorite LinkedIn strategies to help make connections on LinkedIn faster. 

These methods have enabled me to make between 50 and 75 connections per week with just 30 minutes per day!

If you are serious about building your business you don’t want to miss this.

Be sure to download my LinkedIn Momentum Blueprint to learn how to get started using LinkedIn for business. 

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