So, you want to market your business on Facebook? Well there are so many options within this platform you use to build brand awareness. The best part about these methods is that all of them are free! Let’s discuss some of the keyways to use Facebook for B2B marketing.

  1. Create A Group and share content

Create a Facebook group specifically for your target audience. Use this group to build relationships, interact with potential clients and create valuable content. Try to publish videos and other useful content your companies Facebook “page”.

Video content that helps explain a certain concept or how to use equipment or explain a difficult concept visually so that it helps your audience. Be sure to add a link to your video where you can send them to your website. The website should host a library of your informational video.

  1. Create contest for your page

Contest can be a great way to get the followers on your page to get involved with your brand. You can set up an easy 2-minute contest entry that will all them to follow you on all your platforms and best of all the entries onto your email list. My favorite contest builder is They allow you to create beautifully branded contest that can easily be embedded on your Facebook page, website, or email.


  1. Capturing Email Subscriptions for future sales

The best system you can build for your business and by creating a sales funnel that allows the business to build an email list. Later you’ll be able to provide offers to your subscribers and keep them informed about the latest company news.

  1. Growing your Facebook “Likes”

Facebook “Likes” are the ways to show the people who visit your page that your page is relevant. Always look for ways to provide a reason for customers and prospects to see the value that you provide. Give your prospects a way to give you their email address.

  1. Targeting Decision Makers

If you want to target a specific demographic, you’ll want to use paid advertising on Facebook. The advertising platform allows you to target and create retargeting via Facebook’s self-service advertising feature. You can get very specific target based on radius, state, interest, and buyer habits.

  1. Market Research and Surveys

Capturing information from prospects and customers is a great way to understand what’s important to your customers. Give your customers the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to before you decide to bring new products and services to market.

You can use Facebook to create a simple a free question tool you can easily embed to the tab section of your Facebook page. Another one of my favorite survey tools is Survey Monkey. Use this in conjunction with the Facebook app where you can easily create a survey without having to custom build your own.

  1. Become a thought leader

Build authority with your audience. People will buy from people they trust. Showcasing your expertise in your industry is a great way to build trust and position your company as a thought leader.