what’s a virtual assistant and where do I find one?

Are you in need of a virtual assistant? Many small business owners who are solopreneurs might need the extra hands to get tasks done. This can ease up your time and let you get back to doing work that will actually bring you in more income.

What’s a virtual assistant and what are they for?

A virtual assistant is person who provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location.

There are a host of things that virtual assistants can do, including:

  • Social media management
  • Event management
  • Managing calendars, appointments and emails
  • Preparing reports
  • Personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurants
  • Simple digital marketing tasks


Feeling Overwhelmed

Many business owners can feel overwhelmed by all of the tasks they have to get done. Bringing on virtual assistants can ultimately increase productivity.

For instance, are you constantly answering phones or responding to emails? These are task that can easily be delegated to a virtual assistant.

Get Organized

If you struggle with getting your business organized many times virtual assistants are already skilled and can quickly help you get off the ground with very little training.

Some of these areas where you can hire pretty quickly are customer service, outreach or cold calling, finance and reporting, and data entry. Most assistants have resumes and proof of experience.


Better Service

Often times you can hire from many different time zones.  This allows you to offer better customer service and availability.  So if you have customers are on the other side of the world, hire someone that’s in a similar area so that they can quickly respond to the incoming inquiries.


Save Money

One of the many perks of hiring a virtual assistant is that there are no added healthcare or overhead cost. You don’t have to break the bank to get the help you need. You can easily find people who can work for $5-$10 per hour for as many hours as you need.

Where to find one?

There are a few ways to find a good virtual assistant. Of course a quick google search will bring you thousands of results, but here are my three favorite ways to quickly find a skilled person.

  •– Here you can find many skilled assistants that are able to work in almost any industry. You’ll be able to see their rates, portfolios, and past reviews. The quickest way to get this going would be to create a job posting detailing everything you would need done and post it. Applicants will then apply and you can choose how you’d like to interview them. Typically I use Skype or Google hangouts so that we can interact face to face.
  • Facebook– You can search for virtual assistant groups on Facebook and join as many as you can. (At least three). Generally the people in these groups are either looking for work or are hiring others for work like you are. Create a posting with information about how they can apply or get in touch with you. Setup the interview and hire!

*Here’s a pro tip: When you are collecting applicants’ things can quickly get confusing with all of the responses. Create a google sheet or any type of information collection form to help you gather the data. Also ask in your post for a quick introduction video 1-2 minutes. This really helps if you are going to have the person answering phones, you can hear whether or not they have an accent.

  •– This site has only virtually assistants from the Philippines. I love this site because it’s very easy to navigate and easy to post your job. This site also provides you with a background check for the applicants as well as software that’ll help you track your assistant’s time while they are working with you. The best part is, you don’t have to continue to pay for the subscription (which is $60 per month). Once you find the right person, you can take them away from the platform and cancel the site. Plus they let you keep the time tracking!

There’s just so many perks to hiring someone to help you get things done. If you are really serious about increasing your productivity this is definitely the way to go. So get busy and create the dynamic team your business needs!


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